The Innovative Mechanical Design Outsource Company

MRD Technology, Inc. provides advanced probing and test solutions for the semiconductor industry. In particular, our focus is aimed at providing off-the-shelf solutions for wafer probing and final test of packaged devices.

MRD Technology, Inc. is also a turnkey design services company, with leading-edge project management expertise that ensures the success of the most complex projects. We have a proven track record in meeting client time to market requirements with ‘right first time’ custom designs.

MRD Technology has industry-leading expertise in serving clients in very demanding high technology industries such as semiconductor, PV and solar technology, and biotechnology, although we undertake projects across a broad range of industries and applications. MRD Technology serves clients in North America, Asia and Europe.

Our clients typically outsource their design to us for applications ranging from laboratory research prototyping, instrumentation and automation, and commercial development, through industrial production. We design solutions to client problems and challenges. Consequently, we not only design products to conform to detailed client specifications, but also create innovative solutions based upon clients’ statements of market and technical requirements.

MRD Technology excels at the most challenging projects, as well as undertaking the simplest. Our design process supports ‘rush’ orders, minimizing clients’ time to deployment. Moreover, MRD Technology maintains dedicated resources for clients with whom we have long-term outsource agreements.