Track Record

A record of commitment and delivery

MRD Technology, Inc. has a proven track record in the delivery of system design services and first-of-a-kind products. MRD personnel have:

  • Achieved 100% “right first time” success.
  • Managed the production and delivery of over 500 prototype and production assemblies to these clients.
  • Achieved 100% on-time/early delivery.

Most of these products were designed and manufactured for customers in the semiconductor equipment and biotechnology industries. Typical design examples include:

  • Wafer prober/tester interfaces that integrate an automatic wafer transfer arm with cassette mechanisms and a pneumatic locking mechanism specific to any given prober and tester configuration.
  • Repeatable test fixtures that ensure consistently reproducible alignment of a test head with a wafer prober.
  • Small footprint test-head manipulators that enable a test head to dock/undock with a wafer prober.
  • Nanotechnology processing fixtures and assemblies.
  • Switch multiplexer solution for wafer level parametric and/or reliability testing.
  • Switch multiplexer solution for package level testing and screening of semiconductor devices.
  • Fully automated solar tester with 3 axis drive for intensity and spectral response characterization.